There are lots of Angry Bingo promo codes on the site waiting to be claimed.
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Angry Bingo Promo Codes

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Angry Bingo is one of the newest and best UK online bingo sites that Is currently available for avid bingo enthusiasts. Traditionally, bingo was played in community type settings such as community halls, clubs and church buildings. However with an increasingly inclination towards technology, especially the internet, there has been a steep increase in online bingo sites and rooms like Angry Bingo. Players can play Angry Bingo on their computers, mobile devices and tablets supported by the gaming platform.

Angry Bingo: Game Play and Theme

The theme and game play is based on Angry Birds, a gaming franchise that has enjoyed cult status. The Angry Bingo site has a lot of balls with cross looks that mimic the birds that players encountered in the Angry Birds gaming platform. Bingo players may perceive these cross looking balls as a sign of discontent and displeasure, but the bingo balls offer players a variety of exciting promotions based on Angry Bingo promo codes and rewarding bonuses . To crown it all up, they offer bingo players and avid fanatics a chance to play online bingo games, all day long at no extra charge.

Promo codes, short for promotional codes are coupons offered by online merchants and business entities to give clients a discount on the products. Angry Bingo promo codes are widely available on the internet and they allow online players to get bonuses on their online bingo sessions.


Enticing Welcome Offer
On signing up for the Angry Bingo, players are entitled to an enticing Welcome Offer in the form of a £ 5 free of charge with no initial deposit required. As soon as players signup and verify their credit card details, the bonus is instantly available and no Angry Bingo promo codes are necessary at this point. New players are entitled to a 200% extra bonus when they sign up. In order for new players to receive the signup bonus and enjoy the privileges, they should register using valid debit and credit cards.
In order for a player to withdraw an Angry Bingo bonus, they must be able to wager the bingo bonus funds and twice the amount of the total amount deposited.

First Bingo Cash Deposit

There is an incredible 500% bonus that is available to Angry Bingo players when they make their first consequent deposit. This offer is however valid when players deposit amounts that ranges between £ 5 -10. On making these deposits, Angry Bingo players will be entitled to up to £ 50 of free bingo cash which they can use to play instantly.

Second Bingo Deposit: Use of Promo Codes

Players will be delighted to learn that there is a 100% bonus when they make second deposits of between £ 5-100. This enables them to double their second bonus amount. Players should simply enter the promo code “NEW100” when depositing their second deposit in order to be entitled to the amazing 100% bonus, in order to double their deposit amount.

Angry Bingo has great jackpot opportunities and is a low cost bargain bingo game. The game actually pays out real cash. There is a great jackpot opportunity available every Sunday of the week where players can win up to £ 5000. There are also sizzling hot slots and exclusive VIP slots. New players should be able to take advantage of the great bonuses and discounts available using their Angry Bingo promo codes.

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